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Uniform Policy

Rea AVID students will feel more confident at school when they are dressed for success and prepared to meet the high expectations of learning.  Please make sure your child is dressed according to the Rea uniform policy.


 BOYS (any brand)

-solid white, navy blue or baby blue shirt: with a collar

-solid white, navy blue or baby blue turtleneck permitted

-white, navy blue or khaki pants/shorts

-white, navy blue or khaki sweatpants allowed, no stripes


GIRLS (any brand)  

-solid white, navy blue or baby blue blouse

-solid white, navy blue or baby blue turtleneck permitted

-white, navy blue or khaki pants/shorts/jumper/skirt 

-white, navy blue or khaki sweatpants allowed, no stripes

-blue plaid jumper/skirt/skort (Optional)

  •      No open toe shoes of any kind
  •      Small manufacturer logos are permitted (maximum 1 inch square)
  •      Outerwear (sweaters, jackets, coats, etc.) may not contain inappropriate wording/pictures or be gang affiliated
  •      No make-up, large jewelry, gang affiliated items, hats/caps
  •      Jeans or baggy pants are not acceptable

Students not in compliance will have to call home for a uniform to be delivered.  Families who need assistance in securing uniforms may contact Rea’s community facilitator at 949-515-6905.

The goal is to provide an orderly, sharp looking group of students who by their appearance, behavior and work show that receiving the best education possible.  Your cooperation and support of this policy is appreciated.